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MPAA Rating:R
Release Date:2018-07-13
Director:Bo Burnham
Writer:Bo Burnham
Stars:Josh Hamilton, Daniel Zolghadri, Elsie Fisher


A teenager tries to survive the last week of her disastrous eighth-grade year before leaving to start high school.


Josh Hamilton (Mark)

Josh Hamilton

Daniel Zolghadri (Riley)

Daniel Zolghadri

Elsie Fisher (Kayla)

Elsie Fisher

Emily Robinson (Olivia)

Emily Robinson

Missy Yager (Dianne)

Missy Yager

Fred Hechinger (Trevor)

Fred Hechinger

Luke Prael (Aiden)

Luke Prael

Imani Lewis (Aniyah)

Imani Lewis

Jake Ryan (Gabe)

Jake Ryan

Greg Crowe (Principal McDaniels)

Greg Crowe

Frank Deal (Officer Todd)

Frank Deal

Kaileen Quinones (Middle School Student)

Kaileen Quinones

This movie is very relatable
12 May 2018 | by

I went and saw this movie at the Chicago Critics Film Festival. I am 29 years old and completely enjoyed this film about Eighth Grade. It hit home many times reminding me of my own middle school and high school years. I have never related to a character more than I did to Kayla. I found myself crying multiple times because it brought up intense emotions. Burnham deals with the awkwardness of that age with comedy while exploring the deeper themes during that time period. I recommend this movie to anyone.

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