Watch American Animals (2018) Full Movie

Crime, Drama

MPAA Rating:R
Release Date:2018-06-01
Director:Bart Layton
Writer:Bart Layton
Stars:Evan Peters, Ann Dowd, Barry Keoghan
Production:Film4, New Amsterdam Film Company, RAW


Four young men mistake their lives for a movie and attempt one of the most audacious heists in U.S. history.


Evan Peters (Warren Lipka)

Evan Peters

Ann Dowd (Betty Jean Gooch)

Ann Dowd

Barry Keoghan (Spencer Reinhard)

Barry Keoghan

Blake Jenner (Chas Allen)

Blake Jenner

Udo Kier (Mr. Van Der Hoek)

Udo Kier

Jared Abrahamson (Eric Borsuk)

Jared Abrahamson

Lara Grice (Mrs. Lipka)

Lara Grice

Drew Starkey (Frat Boy)

Drew Starkey

Whitney Goin (Mrs. Allen)

Whitney Goin

Wayne Duvall (Bill Welton)

Wayne Duvall

Gary Basaraba (Mr. Lipka)

Gary Basaraba

Jane McNeill (Mrs. Reinhard)

Jane McNeill

28 May 2018 | by

True story this, though the quartet of perpetrators of the most audacious literary crime have trouble keeping their story straight. That's part of the fun in recreating a 2004 Kentucky teenage heist: having the now grown ups involved, recount the events, separated by distance from each other, and time from the deed.

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